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One of Africa’s greatest assets is under threat – it’s Wildlife – a key source of Tourism. Africa needs to show the world what it is doing to protect and conserve its natural resources. The opportunities and funding that tourism creates for local people is one of the solutions to Africa’s problems, but not if we don’t learn to conserve what we have! Africa’s wildlife and the value that it can generate through responsible tourism needs to be consolidated, so that local communities can benefit from this extraordinary resource.

“The philosophy of the Wildside Safari Company is to make the local people of Africa aware of the need to conserve those aspects which make Africa unique – it’s cultures, natural resources and wildlife, in order to preserve their own kind by understanding, and embracing tourism to the African continent and what it can do for enhancing and improving their lives “.

For every ten tourists visiting Africa, a job is created and with various programs and community projects, local people are beginning to feel and appreciate the benefits of tourism through education, trade and job creation.

Since the Wildside Safari Company’s raison d’etre is primarily about promoting tourism to Africa, a visit to Africa represents just one way to support this philosophy. To add to this, with every book purchased, a donation will be made to EWT ( Endangered Wildlife Trust ) to assist them in their efforts to conserve Africa’s wildlife. Share this exciting quest with the us by getting involved with EWT and our "Spread the Word" campaign.

Spread the Word
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